Om een veilige en respectvolle community op de app te waarborgen, dient iedere app gebruiker zich aan deze regels te houden: 

A. Tasks must be legal

To ensure a safe and secure experience for all our members, all tasks posted must be legal. Soliciting, inducing or encouraging illegal acts are strictly prohibited. Scams are also not tolerated on NearOnes and will be removed.

B. Prohibited items list

Tasks must not relate to weapons or unlawful activity, which may result in furtherance of a crime. Any requests relating to drugs, including prescription drugs or drug paraphernalia is prohibited. Not only may these activities have serious legal ramifications, but they are also against the spirit and values of NearOnes.

C. No escort or adult services

Escort, adult services and massage tasks are strictly prohibited on NearOnes. This includes tasks or comments which are obscene or sexually explicit in nature. 

D. Clear scope, time and budget required

To help get your tasks completed, it’s important that your task has a clear scope, time and budget.

  • Scope: The task description should clearly, and thoroughly, state what it is that you need done. Adding as much information as possible helps the nearone understand expectations.

  • Time: Does the task need to be completed on a specific day or can it be flexible with the nearone? If specific, mention in task description.

  • Budget: Setting a fair price for the amount of time and effort required for the task is crucial. NearOnes does not endorse low pricing of tasks (below minimum wage, about 12 euros per hour incl. the Commission) and a task may be moderated, if found to be.

These help nearones to know whether they have the skills and availability to complete your task. It will also help avoid any misunderstandings about expectations along the way.

NearOnes is committed to building a community platform that is a positive and safe environment for all. This commitment is grounded in the principles of transparency and respect. To help foster trust in the community, all members are required to have a profile photo and name that accurately identifies them.

Fake/ miscellaneous photos & names are not permitted on the NearOnes platform. Members that do not have an accurate profile photo or name that meets NearOnes standards will be asked to change their details.

Profile standards

  • Name
    Your real name as confirmed by your identification documents (passport, drivers licence etc).

  •  Profile photo
    A clear front-on profile photo of a members face, so it’s easy recognisable to other members.



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