Verdien geld door klusjes te doen voor mensen in je omgeving

Do your clients need help at home with furniture assembling, mounting
or cleaning?


Verdien gemakkelijker geld

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Doe een taak wanneer het jou uitkomt

Krijg binnen twee dagen uitbetaald

Increased sales

For Partners, NearOnes offers a fleet of 
people guaranteed to get a task done:
anything from assembling desks up to
installing whole new beds and wardrobes. 

By offering the convenience of having all
set up, your company is sure to be gaining
customers on whom it is missing out now.

The NearOnes partnership can be tailored
to your company's needs, including task
requirements, support coverage, and more

Verdien geld met een gerust hart

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Doe taken voor mensen

met geverifieerde gegevens:
gecheckt telefoonnummer en veilige digitale uitbetaling


Taken via NearOnes zijn verzekerd voor schade en aansprakelijkheid tot €1.25M

NearOnes for accomodation providers

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Thorough apartment cleaning

Your guests deserve a place that is well 
cleaned and organized for their stay. Via
NearOnes this can be made sure, through
either urgent, on-demand or planned
cleaning schedules.


Commercial buildings and offices

At NearOnes you can get a great cleaning
plan for your commercial area, whether
that is a shared working environment, retail
space or private office.


Business support

Piece of mind guaranteed with the business
needs, from invoicing to replacements and
support if 
cancellations occur - all aimed
at a hassle free experience. 

Populaire taken



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