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I've been meaning to learn Dutch for a while. NearOnes helped me start finally! I'm now taking lessons with a Dutch lady who lives near me and is very professional! I surely recommend it and I wish the platform a lot of success


I joined NearOnes asking for someone to teach me better Dutch by just talking together, without study books or so. Various people applied and I picked someone with similar interests. It's going really well, and I've had great experiences through the app with pet sitters and cleaners as well, so I definitely recommend it.


I truly appreciate NearOnes, because it is a great simple platform bringing people together. I started learning Dutch with a teacher that I found through it. His 

teaching is very good and the price is really fair.

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After signing up, choose what you would like a nearone to do for you, at your specified time, location, and price. It's all possible with NearOnes!

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Soon enough, willing nearones will apply to help you learn Dutch. Scroll through each profile, and select the best person for the job!

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Relax & learn Dutch!

Now that you've picked your Dutch tutor, all that is left is payment. Have fun learning Dutch!

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