Need groceries done? You're in the right place!

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450+ Amsterdam-based delivery drivers, all ready to help you out. 


Market-best prices of €7/delivery are common.


A delivery driver is always screened and insured, so high quality is the standard. 


Pick your store and time, anytime - whether that's in the same hour or in the middle of the night. Seriously, we don't judge. 

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I was looking online for an app for on-demand deliveries and I found NearOnes. I just love that I can get groceries with it in an hour!


I buy my groceries from an organic store, and they don't do deliveries, so I'm pretty happy that through NearOnes I can give a list and someone will do the groceries for me. It's also really friendly delivery people.


Thankful to NearOnes for especially having been so helpful to me during the Corona crisis, when I have had to stay inside, and had people helping me out with the groceries. Definitely recommend it!

"How do I get involved?" you ask...

Post a Task

After signing up, choose what you would like a nearone to do for you, at your specified time, location, and price. It's all possible with NearOnes!

Receive Applicants

Soon enough, willing nearones will apply to do your groceries. After choosing your nearone, you will deposit the delivery fee, which is released to the nearone when the job is done.

Grocery Shopping

Sit back & relax!

Relax as a delivery driver comes by to fulfill your request. All that is left is payment, and then you can marvel at the time and energy you've saved!

Apple app store NearOnes app download link
google play store NearOnes app download link

Groceries = done, in as little as one hour.

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Get help at any time, with anything.

Apple app store NearOnes app download link
Google play store NearOnes app download link




Google play store NearOnes app dowload link


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